いいかげんにいろいろいじることやほかのことをアメリカから。いじられてしまうのはかわいそうな1974 BMW 2002, 2002 BMW R1150GS Adventure, 1974 R75/6, 1969 R69US, 1978 YAMAHA XS650, 1978 XT500, etc.

どこでもいくやつ Goes Everywhere

This is my first BMW. 1969 BMW R69US. I think I picked it up around 1996 from a motorcycle junkyard in Denver that I used to go to. It was called DUMP (Denver Used Motorcycle Parts). When I saw it, I went home right away to talk to my wife to see if I can get it. The rings in left cylinder  were gone. It was a bargain. It started right away and I rode it home, followed by so much smoke. Soon after, the owner of the shop actually found a good cylinder for me for free. It run well. The engine got very nice feel when tuned right. The chassis felt very stable. I was a happy man. 

1969 is the last year of this model. And BMW was already producing the next model in a different factory (R75/5). The factory in Munich where BMW produced this model and /2s was then converted to their car production (e.g., 2002). R69S is a sport version of the R60/2 and it's a bit faster. US refers to the models with telescopic fork front suspensions supposedly marketed for the American market. I rode a R60/2 with Earl's Fork but I prefer the handling of the telescopic fork. I do like the look of the Earl's fork though. Supposedly, the Earl's fork is for sidecar use. My bike came with the sidecar attachment points. Perhaps, when I get really old, I might try that.

And this bike was my first one for me to be able to ride long distance without shaking my rear off. I took it everywhere. XT500 is a great bike and it goes anywhere, but it's a torture on the highway. When I lived in Colorado, I took this one to Elephant Ride as well--a sort of motorcycle gathering to go over Guanella pass in February. It was before digital camera. 

I also rode it to Tayler Pass behind Aspen. The trail was horrendous. It was even difficult to walk up. Definitely not for those who want to keep their bikes in a museum shape. And I crashed it afterwards. Because the headlight was not working properly, I couldn’t see well. Not a good idea in a dark night.

It came from a junkyard and almost went back to a junkyard. Poor bike. 

It still starts right up, but I feel bad for riding fast as is. Something is making strange sound from the engine. The compression is low and it doesn't want to go fast. Not too long ago, I rode it to DMV from home to get a California plate, but that was it. I really need to fix it soon.



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